Hagen-Dazs launches its new pan-European ad next week directed by Vaughan Arnell, the man behind the hit videos for George Michael’s Outside and Geri Halliwell’s Look At Me. The TV campaign, created by EURO RSCG Wnek Gosper, features a young girl sitting outside a caf eating a tub of Pralines & Cream flavour ice cream who is interrupted when an old man sitting next to her starts crying. He reveals that it is his 93rd birthday and that he is married to a beautiful 25-year-old. When the girl assumes he is crying with joy, he says ‘No, I can’t remember where I live’. The ad, which breaks in the UK on May 24, ends with the line ‘at least Hagen-Dazs is 100 per cent perfect’. Pillsbury UK will also be using print ads for Hagen-Dazs as part of a 7m push for the brand in the UK – its highest spend to date.


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