Car showrooms move up into digital gear

Mindi Chahal’s article ‘Industry gears up to the virtual sell’ makes it clear how crucial it is for car manufacturers to embrace the changing role of the showroom and, in doing so, equip dealers with the tools to connect with today’s connected consumer.

Transforming the traditional sales patter into a genuine conversation takes more than distant directives from on high. Engaging brand experiences and digital apps can bring cars to life in ways that really resonate with consumers and provide great talking points for dealers.

Armed with the right tools to tailor their conversational pitch to the lifestyles and needs of today’s consumers, dealers can continue to play a crucial human role in delivering rich consumer experiences and avoid being discarded as a relic of the traditional hard sell era.

Rob Leach, managing director, Line Up

Retargeting opportunities on Twitter

The launch of retargeting on Twitter is welcome news (‘Twitter tests cookie-based ad retargeting’). 

However, the real winners in the advertising industry will be those who can combine the intelligent use of prospecting and retargeting to identify which types of audiences are the most likely to respond. 

There is a daunting number of different combinations of data points available on which advertisers can base their media buying decisions. Advertisers need to understand which of these are driving conversions on Twitter and then use this intelligence to identify other key prospects. 

By far the most effective way to achieve this, at scale, is programmatic buying. We have seen great results from combining programmatic buying with social media advertising on Facebook Exchange. Twitter could be next.

Dominic Trigg, managing director Europe, Rocket Fuel


Royal  Mail

London Underground and Royal Mail ‘most improved’ brands

Lara O'Reilly

London Underground’s role in making the Olympic Games a success has driven consumer perceptions of the transport operator to rise faster than any other brand in the UK this year, while a recent revival of the  Royal Mai’s financial fortunes has lifted public opinions over the same period, according to YouGov’s half year brand rankings. 


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