Carbon Trust launches campaign to cut carbon emissions

The Carbon Trust today launches a print and outdoor campaign aimed at encouraging businesses to take action to lower carbon emissions amid growing consumer concerns around climate change.

The £750,000 campaign comprises three billboard and press executions, illustrating how lower carbon emissions can help businesses strengthen their brand value, attract talent and compete more effectively.

The campaign is supported by a new study, which shows that two thirds of UK consumers are more likely to purchase products from a company seen as taking action to tackle climate change. Environmental concerns are also factored into more than 50% of consumer buying decisions for cars, electronic goods, food and drinks.

The campaign coincides with last week’s publication of the Stern Review on the economics of climate change which was commissioned by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in July last year.

Peter Hambly, director of marketing and communications at the Carbon Trust, says the review demonstrates that the business agenda has shifted as companies examine the branding opportunities around a low carbon economy.

In August the Carbon Trust revealed plans to roll out a “kite mark” of carbon efficiency that could be used by companies for their products and services (MW 03 Aug).


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