Tips and tricks on team management, mentoring and flexibility

Microsoft’s Helen Tupper, Sainsbury’s Sarah Ellis and scholars from The Marketing Academy join Marketing Week’s Russell Parsons for the latest careers podcast.

Microsoft’s Helen Tupper and Sainsbury’s Sarah Ellis discuss leadership, mentoring and the need for flexibility in today’s workplace.

They are joined by scholars from the Marketing Academy. who all have their say on behalf of the marketers of the future.

Ellis says flexibility should be down to the individual and that the leader, individual and organisation need to work together to make sure this happens effectively.

“Flexibility is very different to everyone, so it is difficult to put a specific framework on what it is. It’s about creating an environment that feels dynamic,” she comments.

Tupper agrees but adds that individuals must communicate what style works for them to make sure the rest of the team understand how and when they are working.



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