CarLand hit as marketing chief leaves

Used-car supermarket CarLand is seeking a marketing director following the departure of Alistair Welham. It is the second time in two years that the retailer, owned by Concept Automotive Services, has recruited a marketing director.

Welham joined rival used-car supermarket Lex Auto Sales as marketing director – a new role – at the start of last week.

“There was no obvious internal candidate for my new job,” says Welham, “There was a marketing manager, but the company wanted to invest in marketing and strategy.”

Lex Auto Sales has eight supermarket sites, and is an organisation that is a similar size to CarLand.

CarLand, which was acquired last year by Concept and has six supermarket sites, recently appointed Yellow M to handle its &£5m advertising business in an attempt to shake off its “Arthur Daley” image.

CarLand is planning to run outdoor, radio, press and direct response advertising and is expected to open more UK stores. It also has plans to sell new cars at a lower price than tied dealerships if the European Union block exemption, which allows car manufacturers and their dealers to operate a closed market, is finally lifted.

Lex Auto Sales uses advertising agency Clifford & Ree, which is based in Manchester.


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