Carlsberg brings in Polish pilsner brand on draught

Carlsberg UK is launching premium Polish lager, Okocim, making the pilsner-style beer the first Polish lager available on draught in the UK. The national roll-out follows a trial run in the off trade in the London area.

Okocim is popular in Poland, and Carlsberg is hoping to attract members of the growing Polish community who have settled here recently. The Polish Embassy says as many as 600,000 Poles now live in Britain. Carlsberg says that imports of Polish beers are said to have increased by 1208% in the last two years.

Carlsberg UK marketing director Darran Britton says: “Demand is increasing for Polish products. This gap in the market and the explosion of new overseas beers provides a great way for us to attract new customers. The launch of Okocim will definitely attract the Polish community, but will also appeal to other drinkers who are looking for something a bit different.”

The brewer is also introducing a range of high quality wines, under the brand name Invenio, exclusive to Carlsberg’s on-trade customers in the UK.

Louise Boddington, Carlsberg UK wine buyer, says: “Invenio offers our trade customers the opportunity to retail a range of Old and New World styles at outstanding value for money for their customers under an on-trade exclusive label.”


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