Carlsberg looking to unseat Stella as top premium lager brand with new Export campaign

Carlsberg is trying to unseat Stella Artois as top premium lager brand with its new “Trust Your Tastebuds” campaign for Carlsberg Export, the brand’s first campaign in ten years which suggests that 70% of consumers prefer the taste of Export over Stella.

The campaign, created by Fold7, will kick off in the lead up to Easter followed by a second launch of activity in June, focusing on outdoor and social media as part of £14m in media spend behind the Carlsberg portfolio in 2015.

It is based on insights from a blind taste test commissioned by Carlsberg in 2013, which showed that 69% of participants expressed a preference of the taste of bottled Carlsberg Export over Stella Artois, the leading premium lager brand in the UK according to the latest data from Euromonitor.

It also comes alongside a packaging refresh for Export, which is an effort to further create stand-out for the brand.

“While Export has always been a key pillar of our Carlsberg family of brands alongside our core Carlsberg lager…this research offers a fantastic opportunity to celebrate Export, throwing a spotlight on its fantastic taste,” says David Scott, director of brand and insight at Carlsberg UK.

“The taste test graphically illustrates how well Carlsberg Export performs against its nearest competitor brand, and in a category that can sometimes see ‘default purchasing’, we wanted to seize this opportunity to remind drinkers that this premium pilsner is a great-tasting product.”

Most recent data from Euromonitor as of 2013 showed that Stella Artois held 29% of the premium lager category in the UK, with Carlsberg holding under 6%.



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