Rest assured, Shake Me Fresh is the smell of things to come

Marketing Week

Years ago, Lenor was something that kids stole the lids from to use as that integral part of the latest Blue Peter model. And duvets were “continental quilts” that the kind of people who had split-level patios and Ford Granadas slept under. It was not that the two things moved in wholly different orbits, but… […]

A design of the times

Marketing Week

Packaging is the last piece of marketing consumers see before purchase, so it has to stand out in a crowded retail environment and engender that vital desire to buy, says Richenda Wilson

Starcom launches ‘+’ division to promote use of unusual media

Marketing Week

Starcom is launching a division to specialise in engaging consumers with brands through non-traditional media channels. Called Starcom +, the unit will offer broadcast sponsorship, product placement and advertiser-funded programming. Outside television, it will advise brands on using advertorials, events and newer media such as retail networks and experiential marketing. The unit will operate across […]


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