Carlsberg to resurrect Elephant premium lager after seven years

Carlsberg UK is relaunching premium lager Carlsberg Elephant in the UK, after the brand disappeared from shelves in 1999.

It was scrapped in the UK amid production problems, as the brewer struggled to meet demand for it alongside the flagship Carlsberg and Carlsberg Extra drinks.

Carlsberg has now increased capacity and Carlsberg Elephant will be rolled out in 275ml bottles through selected retailers and bars. It will have an ABV of 7.2%, equivalent to two units of alcohol per bottle.

The brewer is remaining tight-lipped about marketing support for the relaunch. Carlsberg Elephant joins Carlsberg Export, Holsten Pils and the recently launched Birra Poretti in the company’s premium lager brands portfolio.

The brand name stems from the elephant icon that is a symbol of both the Carlsberg brewery and Copenhagen, where the beer was first brewed.

Carlsberg Elephant remained available in other countries while off the shelves in the UK. Denmark, Germany and the US are the biggest markets for the brand.

Darran Britton, marketing director of Carlsberg UK, says: “We have decided to relaunch Carlsberg Elephant in the UK due to popular consumer demand. Our customer helpline has received numerous calls and emails from people who have fallen in love with Elephant beer when they have tried it overseas and want to know where they can buy it in the UK.

“The speciality beer market is growing and we are very pleased to be able to offer UK consumers such a popular beer.”


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