Carlton Screen Advertising launches push to promote cinema advertising

Carlton Screen Advertising has launching a cross-media marketing campaign to promote cinema advertising.

The campaign highlights the fact that its audiences are fully engaged with the medium, compared to other media. Television, radio or internet advertising can suffer from consumers being distracted and engaging in multi-tasking habits.

The campaign begins today and will run for six weeks, with the tagline “all of the attraction, none of the distraction”. A second phase lasting a further two months will be launched in January.

It will include print, online and direct mail ads, as well as six-sheet and washroom posters in cinemas. It is being aimed at media planners, advertisers and account handlers.

The campaign was developed by creative agency Lowe.

Carlton Screen Advertising sells advertising for over 2,500 screens in the UK and Ireland, including the Odeon, Cineworld and Showcase chains. It has a market share of almost 75%.


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