Carphone Warehouse widens use of social marketing

The Carphone Warehouse is to embrace social media as a major component of its marketing strategy and has appointed Face to develop relevant activity.

The retailer is already active on Twitter, but it has drafted in Face, part of the Cello Group, to help target new audiences.

The move comes as The Carphone Warehouse aims to extend its offering from mobile phones to a wider range of technology products and services including laptops, gaming devices and broadband providers.

Kay Parkinson, brand and advertising manager, says that Twitter has allowed it to speed up the identification of problems and identify issues put forward by its customers. “It’s about turning something negative into a positive as soon as possible,” she says.

“We’ve got to build our strategy around where our customers are. We’re monitoring and building conversations online. It’s about putting customers back at the heart of everything we do.”

The Carphone Warehouse social media engagement strategy will be followed by activation planning for various social media, experiential, consumer-interaction and word-of-mouth campaigns.

Face has just launched Face Wired to specialise in “co-creation” communications planning and this department will work with the retailer. The agency has previously worked with The Carphone Warehouse on insight into the brand and the market.



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