Carslberg launches speciality Jacobsen range

Carlsberg is launching its premium Jacobsen range of beers in the UK. The range has previously only been available in Scandinavia.

The Jacobsen range, which is named after the company’s founder J.C. Jacobsen, was launched in December last year in response to the increased interest in speciality beers and the concept of complementing food with beer.

Two beers from the range, Saaz Blonde and Bramley Wit, will be launched in the UK before the end of the year and Carlsberg UK’s marketing director Darran Britton says: “Saaz Blonde is the perfect beer to accompany roast meats such as chicken or lamb. Bramley Wit, on the other hand, has a higher level of carbonation which makes it ideal as a refreshing aperitif and one that lends itself well to Thai or fish dishes.”

Saaz Blonde, which has a 7.1% ABV, is brewed according to the Belgian tradition for a light top fermented beer – a “Blonde”. Bramley Wit has a 4.6% ABV and is white and slightly cloudy when poured.

Both beers will be sold in 750ml bottles, which, Carlsberg says, makes them ideal for sharing with a meal.