C&A’s UK exit gives rise to employee support site

High street retailer C&A has set up a new website despite the fact that it recently announced that it would be closing its UK doors for the last time this spring.

Although the timing of the launch seems inappropriate, it has been designed to “provide support for employees after they have left the company”. The internal marketing initiative hopes to encourage virtual bonding among the company’s former employees.

Using the familiar own-label address of www.la-canda.co.uk, the website will allow former C&A employees to “stay in touch with old friends and colleagues”.

In addition, C&A hopes that it will act as an ad hoc recruitment board, although the company stresses that “the vast majority of staff have already found alternative employment.”

Protected by individual user IDs and passwords, the site provides a hyperlink to www.cvs4UK.co.uk, an online service that brings employers and recruitment firms into contact with jobseekers.

The site will also give employees access to their own chat rooms, events and special interest pages, a bulletin board, a search engine to assist in locating former colleagues and friends – and a brief history of C&A.

C&A UK managing director Neil McCausland says: “Over the years, people have developed a strong loyalty not only to the company but also to their co-workers and store teams. We believe this website is unique.”


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