Case Study: Single customer view: keeping it clean

Many would agree that keeping existing customers happy and loyal is one of the toughest challenges businesses face during the recession. Holding accurate data will do a lot to help this and allows businesses to communicate relevant information that will maintain interest. However, failure to keep up-to-date records will only result in time wasted on poorly targeted outreach.

Just collating everything you know about a customer is not enough. Customers will only listen if the information they receive is timely and relevant to their preferences. A true single customer view will help make this happen, but can only be achieved when a documented data quality strategy is in place that has suppressed outdated information and removes duplicate records. Whether data has been captured online, face to face or over the phone in call centres, you will need to identify where incorrect or duplicate information exists, and clean your data records accordingly. A single spring clean is not an option, as databases that are left to decay will be subject to contacts that have changed address, passed away or registered with the mailing preference service.

Building a single customer view will not only have great benefits in terms of saving the customer from duplicate mailings, but will also help marketers improve ROI on their marketing campaigns by using accurate insight on where resource should be allocated. A single customer view will also boost a brand’s green credentials, safe in the knowledge that the communication it dispatches will be far more likely to reach a willing recipient rather than be put in the bin before being read.

Experian QAS offers a number of products and services to make sure organisations’ contact data is correct and helps maintains a single customer view. We’re helping our customers suppress unwanted records from their marketing databases and prevent the entry of duplicate records into their database, saving them from having to remove these manually.

Adopting steps such as these will allow your organisation to hold a single customer view based on better managed data across the organisation, refining contact data into real up-sell and cross sell opportunities and keeping prospects’ records accurate.


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