Cash4Gold is right to go direct, but integrated is always best

Your article on Cash4Gold again sparked the debate about whether direct mail can be used exclusively as a marketing tool (MW last week). Although most brands realise the benefits and increased revenue that come from implementing an integrated campaign, it remains true that some brands with a strong offering and niche market can make huge cut-through with direct mail alone.

The key with Cash4Gold is that it has an extremely visual, believable proposition. It’s simple for customers to understand what they are being offered and how they can benefit from the service. In cases like these, direct mail is extremely effective.

However, I’d be surprised if Cash4Gold doesn’t use other channels in conjunction with its direct activity. The reason that most companies use direct mail to supplement or back up other marketing channels is quite simply because this is the most effective way of communicating with customers.

An integrated approach is always best, because it ensures maximum exposure for the brand and its messages. It will also make sure that you are not missing the chance to connect with consumers who respond better to other channels such as email or TV.

Chris Cullen
Head of client services
Callcredit Marketing Solutions



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