word of mouth

Getting influencers on side is key to modern marketing

Marketing Week

I don’t think anyone would argue with the power of “word of mouth” (“Conversations on brands are vital”, MW last week), although this research is further ammunition against those that would doubt it. Personal endorsement is the best form of marketing you can get. On top of this, the arrival of social media has made it an even more important area for marketers to understand and harness.

Why winning at Cannes means so much to WPP

Stuart Smith

  If a Cannes award is the best measure of an agency’s creative prowess, then success next year is the only option open to WPP. As journalists well know, the most interesting nuggets of information are often to be found at the bottom of a press release. And WPP Group’s latest fact-packed compendium – out […]

Andrew Harrison

ITV chiefs’ vision for the future is out of focus

ITV’s new five-year plan places too much emphasis on digital and online, and risks underselling the potential of core product. Adam Crozier, ITV’s new chief executive, unveiled the broadcaster’s latest five-year plan at its strategy review with the City last week. Much of the plan sounds sensible – including the launch of new digital channels, […]