Mobile web turns a crisis into a disaster

The worst-case scenario for brands is now total destruction, so integrity in business and advertising is more essential than ever. What’s the worst thing that can happen? So goes the line to entice awkward teenagers to try the unknown taste of soft drink Dr Pepper. But perhaps this slogan should be applied more widely by […]

Fosters' campaign

Pink, frilly beer won’t tempt female drinkers

Ruth Mortimer

Molson Coors’ bid to woo women with a ’feminine’ beer shows just how misguided and clumsy gender targeting can be. I may be a woman, but I seem to have lost my sweet, ladylike nature when it comes to female-focused marketing. With the drinks industry launching several campaigns this summer especially for the girls, I’ve […]


The only way is ethics

Michael Barnett

Brands that promote their ethical stance are more likely to attract and retain affluent consumers, according to new research seen exclusively by Marketing Week. Ethical consumers tend to be more affluent than average and are more likely to favour brands that they believe share their green values, according to research by consultancy Goodbrand, seen exclusively […]


Brands must focus on mobile search

Marketing Week

The future of search is certainly going mobile (MW 21 July). Research from Google shows that 79% of people use their smartphones while shopping and 70% use them while they are actually in a store. Projections suggest that mobile searches could outnumber desktop searches as early as 2013. However, most companies still send a desktop […]


Universities enrol for a marketing masterclass

MaryLou Costa

To find out more about brands as education providers, click here Get the inside view from our Q&A with Exeter University’s marketing and communications director, here New opportunities are opening up for marketers as public, private and brand-backed vocational higher education providers call on their skills to help them generate additional income. The introduction of […]


TV campaigns are icing on the marketing mix

Morag Cuddeford-Jones

The first fast.MAP/Marketing Week Effectiveness Tracker looking at retail brands reveals that TV campaigns only work if advertisers support them with direct marketing activity. A catchy television ad is a sure-fire way for a brand to be remembered, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to money in the bank – that is down to a solid […]


CEOs have to wake up to a new set of rules

Mark Choueke

Paisley MP Jim Sheridan asked Rupert Murdoch a fairly straightforward question at the Commons culture committee hearing on Tuesday. “Mr Murdoch, do you accept that you are ultimately responsible for this entire fiasco?” Rupert Murdoch’s answer? “No.” Simple as that. The answer of one of the most powerful leaders in the media business. Last week […]


Q&A with Mars Bitesize marketing director Alex Brittain

Rosie Baker

Following the opening of the M&M’s destination store in London’s Leicester Square, , marketing director for all of Mars Bitesize brands, talks about the brand’s plans to emulate its US strategy with a character-based push in the UK. Marketing Week (MW) What role does the M&M’s London store play in the brand’s UK strategy? Alex […]