BBC News meets the needs of mobile users

Marketing Week

The BBC News website’s mobile version is the most frequently visited site on UK mobile phones. The BBC has had a mobile presence since 1999 and its experience shines through in the current news site, which easily meets mobile users’ needs – whether it’s reading up on the economic crisis or getting the latest Brangelina […]

Keeping mum

Marketing Week

As major influencers over which household brands are purchased, mums are a vital target consumer group for marketers. However, they are more likely to listen to their peers than marketing campaigns

Currys and Argos owners see sales fall

Marketing Week

Sales at two major retail chains have fallen despite record number of shoppers during the post-Christmas sales season. DSG International, which owns Currys and PC World, and Home Retail Group, which owns Argos and Homebase, both reported falls in sales for the three months to January 10. DSG has reported a 10% fall in like-for-like […]

Mars is set to launch the Maltesers Bunny

Marketing Week

Mars is launching a limited edition “rabbit-shaped Malteser” for Easter. It is understood to be the first time it has extended beyond the brand’s core bite-sized range. The Maltesers Bunny, which sources say is about three inches high, will be filled with honeycombe pieces and cream. It will be a single-serve treat, positioned against the […]

09 The Year Ahead

Marketing Week

Our contributors to last years Year Ahead magazine were right to be guarded about the prospects for most sectors in 2008. With our experts prescient understanding of markets, readers may wish to steel themselves before turning to the predictions for 2009. However, while bad news about the economy in the media is relentless, this is matched by the dogged optimism of marketers. Those who have experienced recessions in the past, in particular, appreciate how to seek out silver linings, while the storm clouds gather, and prepare for better days ahead…


Video Viewpoint: 2011 Retail Summary

Rosie Baker

As the year draws to a close and there are only a few shopping days left for consumers and retailers before Christmas, I thought I’d take the opportunity to look back at a few things that happened in retail in 2011 and a brief look forward to the ones to watch in 2012. Take a […]