Wear the right hat for brand advocacy

Josie Allchin

A consumer’s recommendation via social media is worth its weight in gold but beware of manipulation. David Cushman, UK managing director of social business consultancy Ninety10 Group and former Bauer digital development chief explains more If you’ve ever heard the term ’SEO’ bandied about you’re likely familiar with the concept of ’black hat’ and ’white […]

Russell Parsons

Public ire over “junk” mail should spur direct marketers on

Russell Parsons

I was lucky enough to appear on BBC Radio Wales last week. The producer of the station’s afternoon phone-in had seen my coverage of the deal struck between Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union (CWU) to end their six-month long dispute and felt me capable of “expert” insight into the world of direct mail, or “junk” mail as he unhelpfully insisted on calling it.