Catholics ready to seize the day

Far be it from me to spring to the defence of the Pope. The Catholic Church is used to daft remarks being made about it but, without wanting to be unkind, Kathleen Doran’s remarks about the Church (MW April 12) really are dafter than most.

The suggestion that the Catholic Church should abstain from millennium activities is rather like asking it to keep its nose out of Christmas.

Far from the Pope offering “business advice”, I would urge Kathleen to read the Pope’s special letter “The Advent of the Third Millennium”, where he called on the world to prepare for the millennium by renewing its faith and by a recommitment to the fundamental option for the poor. In it, he has urged the world to see this jubilee as a great opportunity to work for the biblical jubilee themes – such as the abolition of Third World debt, freedom from slavery, and the restoration of land. Hardly good business advice is it?

The millennium is a great opportunity to ask ourselves what kind of world we (even marketing people) want to leave to future generations. So let’s not just make daft swipes – think about what the millennium really means and then support CAFOD’s work.

Michael Newsome

Direct marketing officer


London SW9


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