CBS and Pepsi to run video ads in magazine

Entertainment Weekly magazine
Entertainment Weekly magazine

PepsiCo and US broadcaster CBS are to run video ads in a forthcoming print edition of Entertainment Weekly magazine.

The wafer-thin video screen will preview CBS’ Monday night programmes and include a Pepsi brand advertisement.

The video technology, which was developed by Americhip, will be inserted into the 18 September edition of the magazine sent to subscribers in the New York and Los Angeles areas.

George Schweitzer, president of CBS marketing group, told The Financial Times, that the ad platform was the “future” and a “way to engage consumers in new and ad exciting ways”.

It is not known how much the ad cost to develop or run but it is thought that it will cost significantly more than traditional print advertisements.

Men’s magazine, Esquire built an E link screen into the cover for its 75th anniversary issue last year using the same technology used by’s Kindle reader.

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