Centaur Media launches site for reputation management and online PR

New media age publisher Centaur Media is launching Reputation Online, a website covering online PR and reputation management.

Reputation Onlinev
Reputation Online

The site, which will go live at the end of September, is aimed at the growing community of people involved in managing brand reputations in social media.

It will offer analysis of the latest news in the sector and examples of good practice, as well as encouraging the community to share and discuss their own views.

Blogger and commentator Vikki Chowney will be the editor and community manager of the site.

“With so much information everywhere on how to interact with this relatively new sector, it’s hard to digest and work out what’s really appropriate,” she said. “By providing editorial insight and the opportunity for readers to contribute, we’re hoping to build a rich community around Reputation Online.”

While many social media consultants and companies have sprung up to try to assist with the business of reputation management, Chowney said the fact that this is such a new sector and the speed with which it’s developing mean there’s a vital need for a site where reputation practitioners and clients can discuss ideas and approaches.

“Reputation Online will pull together the opinion of a wide spectrum of agencies, internal PRs and independent experts,” she said.

The site is being produced by the team behind new media age. It will draw on the magazine’s unparalleled knowledge of interactive business and media, developed over its 14-year history.

The site will feature Chowney’s own commentary alongside video interviews, podcasts and webinars. Readers will be encouraged to upload their own comments and views as text, video or audio.

This story first appeared on newmediaage.co.uk


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