Centrica chief Clare Salmon reorganises marketing team

Centrica-owned Automobile Association Insurance Services and British Gas Home Services are undergoing a restructure of their combined marketing team.

Clare Salmon, appointed as marketing director for the home and roadside services businesses in October (MW October 5), has created separate teams for the two operations.

Patricia Vickers, former head of marketing services products for British Gas Services, is to head the roadside services marketing team. Mark Whitbread, former head of strategy and business development for British Gas Services, is to become head of marketing, sales and installation for non-service based products such as the installation of central heating and radiators.

In addition, Salmon is to appoint a head of commercial marketing who will look at how to develop marketing across both businesses and their strategic future.

Salmon says: “We have two main brands and the key thing is to create marketing teams that are fully accountable for each of the businesses. In addition, we must also create space and a team for strategic thinking.”

British Gas Services will also have a head of strategy products and planning and a head of marketing for servicing, to include plumbing and kitchen appliances as well as gas-fired boilers and central heating systems.

Salmon is looking both externally and internally to fill the roles. She is also examining new products in the area of car purchasing and services for the home.


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