CEO calls Everything Everywhere brand name “silly” as group loses customers

Everything Everywhere has reported a fall in customer numbers and revenue in the third quarter, as new CEO Olaf Swantee says the brand name is “silly”.


The mobile group, formed from the merger of T-Mobile and Orange in July 2010 says its customer base shrunk by 1.4% to 27.5 million compared to the year before, but says that it is “customer base stabilising” and it is “improving its value mix”.

During the period it lost around 227,000 prepay customers across both networks but added 185,000 “more profitable” contract customers.

Total revenue for the period was down 4.3% to £1.7bn and service revenue fell 1.9% to £1.5bn.

Everything Everywhere is currently reviewing its three separate brands, and despite speculation that it will drop the T-mobile brand and focus on Orange, maintains that it is committed all three separate identities.

It is expected to conclude the review next month and recently restructured its senior management team from 26 to 10, all of whom were senior figures in the Orange business.

Swantee made his comments about the “silly” Everything Everywhere brand in an interview with The Telegraph, ahead of today’s (26 October) financial update.

An Everything Everywhere spokesman says that Swantee’s quotes were “lost in translation” and that he actually meant the name was unique and unusual, which is a “virtue” as consumers stop and take notice of it.

The company recently completed a review into its consumer branding. It revealed the outcome of the review to its shareholders but further details are not being released to the public or the press.

The spokesman added that Everything Everywhere is still completely committed to its brand name and will be maintaining support for both the Orange and T-Mobile brands.



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