Chanel Keira Knightley ad ‘too sexy’ for kids TV

A Chanel ad featuring Keira Knightley crawling along the floor to kiss her male co-star wearing only a towel has been banned from appearing during programmes watched by children after the ad watchdog ruled it was too “sexually suggestive”.

The Advertising Standards Authority said the Coco Mademoiselle perfume spot, which showed Knightley’s photographer undressing her before she undressed herself, should not be broadcast in or around children’s programming because it was unsuitable for kids.

It added “there was clear sexual tension between the pair”.

The spot had been green-lit by Clearcast without scheduling restrictions. The pre-broadcast clearance body had concluded although there was “sexual frisson” between the two “it was more akin to flirtation and there was no kissing or fondling”.

The ASA, however, rejected ClearCast’s conclusion, adding “ it was inappropriately scheduled and an ex-kids restriction should have been applied”.

One complainant had objected to the ad running during Ice Age 2.


Lucy Handley

Tesco’s ‘new conversation with Britain’ must be more than a slogan

Josie Allchin

This week, Tesco announced that it hopes to have ‘a new conversation with Britain’ and focus on customers, the people that work there and the communities its shops are in. Chief marketing officer Matt Atkinson is clear that the focus must be on ‘Every little helps the customer,’ rather than helping the supermarket, which was the original focus of the strapline.


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