Change4Life and Disney introduce Frozen-themed teams for latest kids fitness campaign

Change4Life has launched this year’s 10 Minute Shake Up campaign with Disney as it encourages school children to get active by joining one of four Disney teams – Frozen, Toy Story, Monsters and Big Hero 6 – in interactive PE lessons.

Disney teamed up with Public Health England for its Change4Life campaign as part of its renewed push on healthy living

The campaign aims to encourage children to do 10 minute bursts of physical activity throughout the day in order to meet the recommended 60 minutes of activity children need a day.

The idea of the Disney teams is that the children who do the most hhake-ups will win prizes for their teammates.

An exclusive 10 minute Shake Up video will be available to schools from 9am today (2 July) with Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson guiding kids through a fitness game routine with moves inspired by Disney characters from movies such as Frozen and Toy Story.

Over a third of children in the UK are overweight, yet 79% of parents with an overweight child do not recognise that they are. Of those that do, 41% do not realise that it is a health risk, according to research by the British Heart Foundation.

Currently just 21% of boys and 16% of girls meet the recommended daily activity level. Change4Life claims that last year’s activity with Disney resulted in children being active for an extra 104 million minutes.

“Following on from the success of last year’s campaign, we’re excited to be partnering with Change4Life again and adding the new four Disney-themed teams to inspire children to get even more active this summer,” says Marianthi O’Dwyer, head of Disney Healthy Living UK.

“Disney’s stories are experienced and enjoyed by children around the world, so we believe we can have a positive influence.”



Change4Life drafts Coke for sugar reduction push

Russell Parsons

The Government’s Change4Life anti-obesity initiative returns today (5 January) for its annual New Year push and again highlights the amount of sugar contained in fizzy drinks. But despite the tone of the campaign and claims last year’s drive hit sales of full-sugar drinks, Change4Life has attracted the sector’s biggest player, Coca Cola, to take part in the activity for the first time.