Channel 4 calls on Sochi 2014 athletes to be ‘proud on gay mountain’

”Gay mountain, gay mountain. Be proud on gay mountain” a rotund Russian man in red underpants sings to an audience of gay men and women.

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This is the sight and sound of Channel 4’s marking of the start of the Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games tomorrow (7 February).

The ad is part of mini campaign the broadcaster is running to wish all competing athletes – gay or straight – all the best in their endeavors.

The video will run across all of its channels tomorrow evening. An interview with former England rugby player and founder of the StandUp anti-bullying foundation, Ben Cohen, talking about homophobia in sport will also be broadcast.

Channel 4 idents will be rainbow branded.

It is not too difficult to spot Channel 4’s motivation for this paean to tolerance. Host nation Russia has come under-fire for what critics say are its anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LBGT) laws.

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