Channel 4 deny talks with rival digital bid

NGWChannel 4 has denied that it has had any talks with National Grid Wireless, which is leading a rival bid for the second national digital radio multiplex. The channel says that two services included in NGW’s bid are "NGW’s creation prepared without consulting Channel 4."

NGW has submitted plans for 12 new DAB radio services including a Radio 2-style music station, a music and lifestyle service for the over 50s and station aimed at female listeners playing love songs and ballads from the last 40 years. It also says it has allocated capacity for the two Channel Four Radio services, a music and entertainment station for under 35 year olds and a talk-based station to appeal to younger Radio 4 listeners. The broadcaster says it does not "recognise the description" of these services and it says there is "no guarantee" that the three services described in the Channel 4’s own bid.

NWG says it has the backing of "major brands and specialist providers" but has not release specific details although it has announced a £14m marketing partnership with BBC and Digital One, the operator of the first national multiplex operator led by GCap Media. It says the services could launch by the end of February 2008 with test transmissions from the start of next year.


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