Channel 4 merges creative teams

Channel 4’s in-house creative agency, 4 Creative, has been charged with overseeing the broadcaster’s entire on-air channel branding and promotional activity. The change will see the merger of 4 Creative with Channel 4’s separate in-house creative team.

The merged agency will be headed by the broadcaster’s network creative director, Brett Foraker, who has led both creative teams since 4 Creative was founded by Channel 4’s director of marketing, Polly Cochrane (pictured).

Foraker replaces the head of 4 Creative, Richard Burdett, who is stepping down to pursue other projects.

Channel 4 says the merger is part of an ongoing restructure of the company’s marketing, communications and audiences division, and forms part of the broadcaster’s £100m cost cutting programme.

Cochrane says: “There is already a lot of integration between the two teams but now is the right time to formally bring them together. The emphasis will continue to be on producing outstanding creative work for Channel 4 but this merger will enable external clients to access a wider pool of a talent on a project by project basis.”


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