Charities can’t disregard email best practice

The article on the rise of complaints over charity email campaigns raised some good points about the challenges marketers face in these budget stretched times.

Many of the complaints levied relate to data use, and it has never been more important for all brands, not just charities, to connect with customers in the right manner and without violating the trust that comes from sharing contact details with a brand.

Marketers need to use best practice to ensure messages are well-targeted, personalised and reflect the interests of the customer.

A well-executed email campaign that addresses a customer’s need, which is personalised to target the individual based on their expressed preferences and has a frequency that suits the consumer, is a far more effective way for generating interaction with your brand.

We can’t eliminate all complaints but with best practice, all companies (charities included) can reduce their volume, and in turn get more value from their customer data.

Judd Marcello
Director of marketing and PR
e-Dialog Europe


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