Charity bank launches marketing drive

Charity Bank, a social banking initiative, has appointed creative agency Stone Soup to design a range of marketing materials to garner interest in the venture.

Charity Bank is a financial institution as well as a charity that provides financial advice and support to other charities, social enterprises and community organisations.

The York-based organisation is run by savers and investors who chose to use their money to help support charities.

Stone Soup has designed a range of promotional materials for events and conferences aimed at providing ideas, inspiration and advice to charities and social enterprises, and an email marketing campaign to communicate Charity Bank’s message that “individuals can do small things that, together, deliver big changes and maximise the impact on society at large.”

The agency worked with illustrator Ben Hall who translated facts and figures about the bank’s ethos into a giant cartoon-like mural.

Azlina Bulmer at the Charity Bank said: “Stone Soup quickly grasped exactly what we are all about and what makes us different to other banks. They have delivered a range of creative ideas that communicate our brand values, help us promote our offering and will no doubt help us to deliver our service to even more charitable organisations over time.”


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