Charles Walls lands GNER 2m rail task

Great North Eastern Railway has appointed Leeds-based Charles Walls Group to handle its above-the-line account, after leaving it dormant for over a year.

GNER, formerly known as the British Rail division East Coast Railways, is now considering a move into TV or radio, armed with an advertising budget of 2m.

Over the past year, the group has been positioning its rail service as cheaper than rival transport systems through a series of money-saving deals and promotional link-ups with outlets including Morrisons and Somerfield.

The railway, which runs between London, Yorkshire, the North-east and Scotland, has also launched a points-based loyalty programme for first class rail travellers.

A spokesman says the move to TV will enable it to poach passengers from airlines, coaches and cars.

Charles Walls already handles GNER’s below-the-line work.

The spokesman adds: “Our offers have led to a ten per cent increase in passenger figures since privatisation. Moving to TV or radio will help us change customer perceptions about travelling by train.”


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