Cheapflights rolls out targeted newsletter campaign

An enhanced newsletter marketing campaign based on improved relevance has been rolled out by travel price comparison site Cheapflights to the US, following a successful UK pilot. The company is working with Clash-Media’s international network to deliver highly relevant leads to its sites.

Prospects are qualified by region, desired destinations and holiday type preferences. This data is then used to personalise regular marketing newsletters sent by Cheapflights as its primary form of customer engagement. The company has already seen an increase in open rates, click-throughs and conversions.

“Relevance is key for our campaign to succeed,” says Yogesh Sharma, global head of newsletter operations at Cheapflights. “Clash-Media has a huge database of contacts that it could deliver leads from, but instead it collects leads that are highly qualified for our personalised campaigns – and this quality is reflected in the results that we’ve been able to achieve.”

He adds: “We meet regularly to review results against our campaign metrics and we use the outcomes of these meetings to optimise all future activity, which makes sure that over the long-term our return on investment increases. This strong return has enabled us to justify starting up a campaign to market into the US.”


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