Cheeky end to a sticky ad problem

The words “bus” and “bum” do not go together – it’s official. Neither do “bus” and “butt”, “arse” or “bott”. But “bus” and “cheeks” do.

No, the Diary hasn’t gone “behind” mad, but bus contractor TDI has. It blew a raspberry at Manchester agency Sass Panayi’s “Seriously Fruity” bus ad idea for jam manufacturing client F Duerr & Sons.

One execution included the line: “Wiggle your bum if you’re seriously fruity” above a picture of a builder’s bum; causing one bus contractor to say: “I’m not having the crack of an arse on the side of one of my buses.”

Sass Panayi removed the offending “crack”, covering it with a T-shirt, only to be told the word bum was now a problem. Thus the “behind” thesaurus saga ensued until wiggling “cheeks” and suckable “big toes” saved the day.


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