Christian Aid launches site to publicise ethical choices

Christian Aid is marking the run-up to Christmas by launching a magazine-style website,, that will allow visitors to share their own stories, photos and video-clips.

Targeted at 18- to 30-year-olds, the site is intended to educate people about the ethical choices they face in life, and to encourage them to become active campaigners for a just world. The site features news stories, reports and regular columns covering topics such as trade justice, debt, HIV/AIDS, peace and conflict, ethical lifestyles, the environment and world events. A community area has been created for uploads.

On a lighter note, there is also a section offering free measurement of visitors’ levels of “Bad Karma Units”, and a special 12-step detox programme, created by the “Association of Recovering Marketing Executives”.

The site was created by Unified Solutions, while a content-management system from Tridion allows for the efficient re-use of content, which can be added to the site from any location. It also allows stories and images to be shared across other Christian Aid websites easily. Steven Buckley, head of the common knowledge programme at Christian Aid, says the site is intended to create a community for cyber-activists and to allow people to take “positive action to alleviate poverty around the world”.


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