Christian Dior Natalie Portman ad banned

An ad for Christian Dior mascara starring Natalie Portman has been banned by the advertising watchdog for airbrushing images of the celebrity brand ambassador.

Christian Dior Natalie Portman
The Christian Dior ad banned by the ASA.

Rival cosmetic manufacture L’Oreal claimed an image in the print ad, which stated “Lash multiplying effect volume and care mascara…delivers spectacular volume-multiplying effect lash by lash” misleadingly exaggerated the effects of the product.

The Advertising Standards Authority ruled the ad “likely to mislead” because the post-production retouching enhanced perception of the performance of the product. There was als no evidence of the product’s effect on Natalie Portman’s lashes, the watchdog added.

Dior argued the ad imagery did not exceed consumers’ expectations of the product

L’Oreal has itself been rapped by the ASA over airbrushing. Ads starring Christy Turlington and Julia Roberts have previously been banned.

Airbrushing has also attracted political interest. MP Jo Swinson fronts the Campaign for Body Confidence, an anti-airbrushing campaign. She also leads an All Party Parliamentary Group urging advertisers to take a more responsible approach to the portrayal of women in ads.



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