Christian mobile phone service in link with T-Mobile

A Christian mobile phone service offering content including recorded Bible verses and ringtones of hymns has been launched in conjunction with T-Mobile.

FaithMobile was set up by Good News Holdings and Christian organisation The Barna Group and is available on the T-Mobile portal in both the US and the UK.

The founders of Good News Holdings, which includes former Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney executive David Kirkpatrick, says the company is in talks with other operators about making the service available on their portals.

The target audience for FaithMobile is Christians who like the idea of having their faith “just a phone call away”. Consumers will be able to download video clips and “inspirational” messages from the portal and the company says it will announce new partners in the coming months that will extend the service it can offer.

FaithMobile has already signed deals with specialist Christian content partners including Promise Keepers, a Christian men’s organisation with more than 5.5 million members, and Extraordinary Women, which has 300,000 members.

There has been a mixed reception to other faith- based content services. Jireh Mobile, which offers “holy hip-hop” ringtones, has had limited success but Diji Corp (formerly known as Dwango Wireless) recently severed ties with BeliefNet, which delivers Bible verses and other spiritual content, after the service failed to capture the public’s imagination.


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