Chrysler aims for more agile image

Chrysler Group says it will be a “leaner, more agile” business under new private equity owners Cerberus Capital Management, which bought control of the US car marque from DaimlerChrysler in May.

Thomas Hausch, Chrysler’s new vice-president of international sales, says the two main advantages of being an independent car company are the ability to make faster decisions and greater freedom compared to a public company.

Speaking at the Frankfurt Motor Show, he said: “We don’t have to ask a German board of directors, of whom 50% are representatives of the German workforce. This makes it very complex to explain why an American corporation wants to collaborate on a car with a Chinese company. So the decisions are much quicker.”

Hausch also believes that because Chrysler does not have to worry about its share price, decisions can be made for the good of the business. He added: “We might be better off having a bad quarter but investing a lot of money in a new product that helps us in two years’ time.”


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