Cigarette displays to be banned

The Government is banning tobacco displays in England and Wales but has stopped short of banning branding on packs. The move has been criticised by health groups, which say the plans do not go far enough.

The announcement made by Health Secretary AAlan Johnson, follows a consultation process launched by the Department of Health in May this year as part of its push to discourage smoking, particularly among 11 to 15 year olds. A ban on tobacco displays is also under consideration in Scotland.

But plans for an outright ban on tobacco vending machines in clubs and pubs has also been shelved, marking a U-turn by the Government.

Anti-smoking lobbyists including ASH and the British Heart Foundation have long called for the curbing of tobacco marketing and are critical of the Government’s decision not to remove branding on cigarette packets.

It was hoped the Government would also ban the use of any logos, colours and graphics on packs as part of the Government’s bid to strip smoking of its glamorous image.

In October, the DoH launched a hard-hitting TV ad highlighting children’s fears about their parents dying from smoking. It is aiming to motivate parents to give up smoking with NHS support.


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