Cigarette packet branding could be banned

The Government is considering plans to force tobacco companies to sell cigarettes in unbranded packets. The move would aim to strip smoking of its glamorous image and reduce the number of smokers.

It would mean that the tobacco industry would have to ditch the use of any logos, colours and graphics on packs. Reports suggest that the Department of Health is considering the plans as one of the many measures to reduce the number of smokers, particularly young smokers.

In May this year, the DoH launched a consultation on the “future of tobacco control” to consult on the further regulation of tobacco products and to consult with stakeholders on measures to reduce the “significant harm” to health cause by smoking.

The consultation is now closed and includes a raft of measures to reduce smoking, including banning cigarettes from public displays in shops, outlawing packs of ten and getting rid of vending machines.

On July 1 2007, England introduced new laws to make virtually all enclosed public places and workplaces smoke free.


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