Cillit Bang is least liked brand name

Cillit Bang has been voted the UK’s most disliked brand name according to a survey by branding consultants G2.

Cillit Bang

The name is more disliked by women (25%) than men (20%) and by more than a quarter of over 55-year olds.

The Reckitt Benckiser owned cleaning brand launched in 2005 and is now considered a “power brand” by its owner.

The research reveals that consumers in the 25-34 year old age bracket are the most cynical toward brand names with the most disliked brand names compared to other age groups.

The top ten most disliked brand names include Cif, Starbucks, Pasta Hut, Snickers and Veet.

Three of the top five and four of the top 10 are brands that have changed their brand name from a previous incarnation.

Cif was formerly known as Jif, Snickers was Marathon and Veet used to be called Immac. Pasta Hut was a temporary name for Pizza Hut.

Verra Budimlija, G2 planning director, says: “Brand names are clearly important to consumers and there is plenty of evidence from the survey to suggest that they find some particularly irritating. What is interesting is that Cillit Bang’s sales shoe it to be an extremely successful product in this country, so brands are more than just a name.

“A brand name is useful for building brand equity but product owners need to get their whole communications strategy right, ultimately using marketing to underpin a product that give the consumer what they want.”

The survey was carried out by YouGov on behalf of G2 and polled 2,000 UK consumers.


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