Cinema admissions rise by 50 per cent on previous year

Cinema admissions were up nearly 50 per cent in September on the same period the year before, according to new figures from Entertainment Data International (EDI).

Figures for September show that admissions are up 49 per cent on the same period last year. Much of the increase is attributed to The Full Monty, which made 14.2m in that month. The total box-office figure for the film is 28.9m in the UK. Four Weddings and a Funeral, the previous top grosser, took 27.8m at the UK box-office.

The new EDI quarterly survey for the three months to September also shows the share of cinema advertising is split between Carlton Screen Advertising (CSA) and Pearl & Dean at 70 per cent and 30 per cent respectively.

The data breaks down admissions by region and reveals that 26 per cent of all admissions were in London. The Midlands share is 14.5 per cent, followed by Lancashire with 10.7 per cent. The region with the smallest share is Border, with only 0.8 per cent of all admissions.

The figures have been collated, following the agreement of regional cinema groups to provide admission figures for the first time.

Figures were previously supplied separately to media agencies by Pearl & Dean and Carlton Screen Advertising.

The long-awaited publication of more detailed information on cinema admission figures has been met with general approval by media buyers.

The way the new figures would be calculated has been debated between cinemas, sales houses, and media buyers since the beginning of the year.

Adam Poulter, president of Carlton Screen Advertising, says: “We are delighted to have resolved this long-debated issue once and for all. Cinema now holds an indispensable strategic position on most media schedules.”

Nick Sperrin, head of client services for BBJ Media Services, says: “The figures are a fine trading tool and a good step on the way to making the industry more accountable.”



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