Cinema advertising enters digital age

Brands will be able to book campaigns into cinemas much closer to film openings and take advantage of tactical opportunities with the final overhaul of screening and distribution technology.

batman thee dark knight rises

Cinema sales house DCM will offer clients the flexibility to schedule against movies such as Batman The Dark Knight Rises by the day instead of the week from the end of September. This means brands can be more responsive to a film’s popularity and take advantage of tactical opportunities for their own products.

DCM will completely switch its advertising distribution, campaign delivery and scheduling to digital from 28 September.

The sales house services the Odeon, Vue and Cineworld chains and will now be able to start a campaign on any day of the week, handle multiple copy executions, change copy and even rotate copy during a campaign.

The deadline for campaign spots also comes down from the present three weeks to just a single week.

DCM has also overhauled its own systems to better help connections with other digital channels, such as 4G, NFC and WiFi.

The company’s managing director, Simon Rees, says: “We’re expecting the adoption of digital technology to trigger a huge period of change and creativity in cinema advertising. The new digital cinema advertising products will give creative advertisers unprecedented levels of speed and choice in how and when they can access and interact with the audience.”

The arrival of full digital projection for the majority of cinemas across the UK has taken more than a decade since it was first mooted. To reach this level of blanket updated technology the UK cinema industry has invested £200 million in 3,000 digital projectors.


Katy Perry for Proactiv

Katy Perry skincare ad banned

Rosie Baker

Acne skincare brand Proactiv, which uses celebrities including Katy Perry and Justin Bieber in its marketing, has had an ad campaign banned by the advertising watchdog for making misleading claims.


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