Cinema is where the ad action is

I refer to your cover story which focuses on Tony Scouller’s comments on the effectiveness of TV advertising (MW March 11).

This article went some way to highlighting many of the industry’s shortfalls in its advertising communication, however I was disappointed to note that Tony did not divulge any of UDV’s solutions for optimising brand communication.

The key points I felt he made were that communication is not just about impacts but impact, and that the advertising agencies have become too concerned about advertising awareness at the expense of brand communication. I therefore would like to bring your attention to one of UDV’s solutions …

Endorsed by the media strategy of their biggest brand, Smirnoff, since the lifting of the 1995 TV ban, this brand has increased spend on cinema by 90 per cent. In 1998 cinema accounted for nearly 40 per cent of the total Smirnoff advertising budget.

I doubt many would argue with the powers of persuasion that cinema can bring to the media schedule, and in combination with TV, cinema can optimise coverage of the young light TV viewers that so many of these spirit brands are chasing.

So I thank Tony for bringing to light the issues of concern, but more importantly for his ongoing support and commitment of the most © “persuasive” advertising medium available.

Adam Mills

Account director – National Sales

Carlton Screen Advertising


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