Cineworld screens film buff data

Cineworld is tracking the influence levels of customers who are sharing its Facebook application in a bid to compare return on investment with other channels. The UK’s second largest multiplex chain is working with Webtrends to track usage of its cinema and film content application and how it is shared across the online network.

“We work with Webtrends across all our platforms; the website, mobile and now to provide performance indicators for Facebook Share,” says Farid Sehad, channel marketing executive, Cineworld. “Now that we have that view, we can compare our investment in Facebook with other digital channels, helping us to decide which platform will be most appropriate for the promotion of particular films and allowing us to modify the app, providing a better experience for our users overall.”

Webtrends has tagged the app to provide Cineworld with insight into who is a Cineworld “liker”, rather than just a general facebook user. The Cineworld Facebook page has over 25,000 members discussing films, viewing trailers and schedules. The data collected shows not just which films are popular, but the heat particular users have in a network. It is also tracking traffic driven from Twitter, which Cineworld may soon be including in its marketing schedule.

Christian Howes, head of analytics engineering at Webtrends, says: “The campaign micro-site is for all intents and purposes a wasted investment. Facebook pages are by comparison incredibly simple to create and launch, making it a no-brainer for businesses that want to reach a mass audience via the world’s most popular digital channel. But without having the ability to measure their investments and compare them like-for-like with other digital channels, businesses are essentially flying blind.”


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