City AM is first to use quick-response technology daily

City AM, the daily business freesheet, is introducing quick response (QR) code technology in its newspaper to drive readers onto its mobile internet site. It will now form part of its daily news service.

It is believed to be the first UK newspaper to use QR codes on a daily basis.

Last year, The Sun first trialled the technology with advertisers including Ladbrokes, Ford and British Airways, in a supplement within the newspaper. Ladbrokes, for example, used the code to give mobile users access to its Free Bet promotion (MW March 13). City AM is using the technology to drive its editorial content but will be extended to advertising in three months.

QR codes are next-generation barcodes that provide a quick connection to the mobile internet and directly link through to a web page, video or photo.

Lawson Muncaster, City AM co-founder says: “Following the introduction of a downloadable podcast via Bluetooth at London Waterloo and the City AM mobizine, we are the first UK newspaper to commit to the QR code technology on an ongoing basis.”


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