Clear Channel to go upmarket with Pinnacle network

Pip HainsworthClear Channel is planning to attract more luxury brands to outdoor advertising with the launch of its Pinnacle network of premium sites next month.

The 150 sites, many of which were part of the Van Wagner portfolio it acquired in May, will be promoted to upmarket brands.

Luxury brands have traditionally ignored outdoor advertising in favour of magazines such as Vogue or Tatler, but Clear Channel thinks that advertisers are becoming dissatisfied with the falling readership levels of many glossy monthlies.

Clear Channel marketing director Pip Hainsworth (pictured) says it is hoping to exploit this by making a concerted effort to target upmarket brands and encourage marketers to widen the media they use.

The Pinnacle network will include banners, bridges, large backlit formats and advertising towers, including the new A40 Westway and M4 Paragon Towers. Clear Channel group head Sarah Hawkes will run the division.

The outdoor specialist has already had some success in attracting luxury advertisers in the US. Its Pinnacle Collection launched in 30 private airport terminals in March and has won advertising from brands including Jaguar, Tiffany and Men’s Vogue.

Clear Channel was recently forced to change its plans for its large-format digital sites, after advertisers baulked at the 12-month periods it was offering. The offer now allows advertisers to book three, six or nine-month campaigns on the sites.


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