Clerical Medical to launch financial shows for radio

Gaydar, the digital and internet radio station, is launching a series of advertiser-funded financial programmes with pensions and insurance company Clerical Medical.

The series, which will run for 12 weeks from this month, aims to offer Gaydar’s 2.5 million listeners advice on a range of financial issues. It will also have an interactive surgery, where listeners can email questions to Clerical Medical financial advisor Neil Edwards.

The shows will cover issues such as the implications of the Civil Partnership Act, which will allow gay and lesbian couples some of the rights of married couples from December. The act will change the legal position of couples in areas such as pensions, parental rights and bereavement issues.

Commercial programming agency Sound developed the deal. James Erskine, media manager at Sound, who negotiated the deal, says the shows aim to position Clerical Medical at the forefront of partnership rights and as a source of advice.

The shows will also deal with issues such as independent financial advice and investments. Clerical Medical spokeswoman Sara Lister says the surgery will help Gaydar listeners manage their personal finances and plan for the future.

Advertiser-funded programming (AFP) is becoming increasingly popular on radio as brands look to build on the success of sponsorship and promotion deals with shows. Stations such as Classic FM have used AFP to develop closer relationships with key advertisers such as Prudential (MW April 1, 2004) and Renault (MW February 24).


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