Clicks and calls linked in marketing data integration

Connecting offline data on prospects with online searches and enquiry phone calls is now enabled following a partnership between two tracking solutions vendors. Intellitracker has linked with Adtraka to provide an holistic view of prospect behaviour in response to PPC marketing activity.

Adtraka provides a telephone conversation tracking system in its marketing optimisation solution. When a prospect clicks on a PPC ad, a unique telephone number is generated for that visitor. This number is recognised in the call centre and the number associated with online search data via Google Analytics.

Intellitracker has now integrated this solution with its own data model that maintains an historical profile of each visitor, including original search and online marketing response through to offline conversion. By combining offline and online marketing data, behavioural segmentation can be applied to future marketing campaigns.

Simon Roberts, head of client services at Intellitracker, said: “The integration with Adtraka adds another string to our bow. Being able to marry offline data, such as telephone enquiries, with our own online data means we are providing our clients with a holistic view of visitor behaviour.”



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