Client clash led Y&R to withdraw

Your report (MW October 2) of the Hoover pitch wrongly repeats an earlier assertion that Young & Rubicam “lost out by mutual consent” in the final round. In fact, Y&R took an early decision to withdraw. Our original conversations with Hoover concerned its floorcare products. When it became clear that white goods were also to be included, we bowed out as there would have been a conflict with our client AEG.

A similar situation arose with the Europcar pitch, in which you also reported that we had been ejected from the shortlist. Another of our clients told us it would consider it an indirect conflict, so we immediately withdrew.

Y&R seldom has to practise the art of forcing a smile in the face of defeat, but we can manage it when required. In neither of these cases is it necessary.

Bernard Barnett

Executive vice-president, director of corporate affairs

Young & Rubicam Europe

London NW11


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